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Richard is a Professional Comedian & Psychic Medium ~~ With A Punch Line!

I would like to thank "Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack", and " Who Rates? "

Stay tuned for our next show on  wacky world of the Spaz, Tuesday night's 8pm-9pm (pst), with your host stand-up comedian and psychic medium Richard Spasoff along with his other partner in crime Joe Peek. 

Together they forge on into One Step Beyond!    Meanwhile Listen and enjoy!

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About Us

Wacky World Of The Spaz [us]


 Wacky World Of The Spaz [us] is a post audio production studio and is a fledgling Non Profit designed  to help promote good health through comedy, music and medium reading on air.

Wacky World Of The Spaz is a zany mix of COMEDY, MUSIC, CELEBRITIES, AN  "Would You Believe?" Inspiring Stories and Positive News As an Angelic  Speaker and Comedian.

We do succeed in bringing forth a new perspective  of Comedy and inspirational stories on our "Web Series IMDB" as well as our radio stations. Wacky World  consist of comedy which is then combined with good music and great  inspirational chat. I want to bring forth a fun and inspiring atmosphere  with a positive light for our audience.

We offer all types of music and  comedy, short inspiring stories, quick interviews with celebrities,  which will make people feel good. That is the motivating idea behind the  programming of this highly personalized radio show and internet radio station brought live stream. I strive to be a multi-faceted and multi-talented  personality, both in my personal and professional life. 


Try the Wackiest Radio on Earth it's a zany mix of comedy, music and    celebrities ...and "would you believe" inspiring stories...it’s called    "Wacky World of the Spaz!!!   It’s a mixture of smooth jazz ,light  rock   ,comedy, talk and spirituality with inspiring stories.

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Wacky World Of The Spaz

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