Richard Spasoff comedy photography

 California-based creative Richard Spasoff is an award-winning fine  art and comedy  photographer and accomplished contemporary artist. His strikingly  innovative and exuberant style translates what he sees into abstract  images and figures leading us gently into his dream world with a well  harmonized bold celebration of color. A self-taught artist, Richard  began his artistic career at an early age. Richard?s photographs are  featured in a national publication on healing arts, and he has held  one-man art gallery shows in La Jolla, Las Vegas, as well as in Mexico.   He has also worked at Universal Studies in Hollywood and at  Keepers of the Wild in Arizona doing art images of the animals.  Richard?s sensitivity and unusual creativity come forth in his work in a  modern surrealistic style that allows others to appreciate the beauty  and share their sentiments with their loved ones through the images he  creates. Collectors of Richard?s work include George Carlin, Willie  Nelson, Smothers Brothers, Gary Owens and Ronnie Schell.  The  fine art photographic images of Richard Spasoff are available as prints  and stock images. Regarding commissions and assignments, please check  with Richard (click Contact Info, top right of this page) directly for  availability for your project. Enjoy the photos!!!  Artist Statement:  I  like to create beauty photographs of women in a surrealistic way. I am  not a normal photographer; I consider myself an artist with visions. It  is important keep our dreams alive and well.