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The Wacky World of The Spaz,  its Inspiring,  Insightful, Entertaining, Intuitive “and would you believe” at times we  can also be Hilarious!...The Show Is a Zany & Elective mix of Music,  Comedy and Insightful commentary and interviews, featuring guests from  all walks of the entertainment world. Along the way are insightful  positive and intuitive stories with both wit and understanding. The show  can at times both touching and provocative, with occasional segments  that are hilarious. Our Audience is anyone who likes to listen to  interesting radio, living or dead.

He's Richard Spasoff, a Psychic Comedian and Medium. He is also a medical intuitive, dancer and Choreographer.
He has conducted renowned interviews with the "best of the best"  entertainment, motivational, and self-improvement experts in the world.  Over his 25 year career this Psychic Medium and Radio Show Host has done  a massive amount of positive media messaging, including over 2000  memorable interviews, that include the like of Steven Spielberg,  as  well as HOSTING his own extremely popular and record-breaking radio  shows.