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stand up comedy

 Richard Spasoff is a Comedy Show Headliner who also happens to be a Professional Psychic Medium! ~~ With a punch line! 

 In his one-of- a-kind  take on Comedy, Richard incorporates both punchlines into Psychic  readings while drawing on unique real-life experiences in venues large  and small! Some of these unusual experiences include: a marriage that  didn’t last 30 days because the Bride woke up, a Father who was a  cross-dresser that also hired Hitmen, being hired as a Masseuse and  Psychic Medium in a Red-Light District, a local Police Academy that was  never quite the same after Cadet Spasoff nearly shot an instructor  accidentally, a first apartment without a door, and bring hired to give  Massages to “wise guys” or “goodfellas”!!

   This real-life insight  prompts questions like: “What do chocolate chip cookies and the Mafia  have in common?” Or: If you’re taking a Vacation to the Moon, do you  need clean underwear?” In short, his is a fresh, exciting look at life  and the hereafter from a guy who’s been there and back!!~~ 

psychic medium

 Richard  Spasoff is an internationally renowned modern day psychic, medium,and  Stand Up Comedian, motivational speaker, and radio/television  personality for over 25 years. He has given accurate and insightful  psychic readings to clients ranging from everyday citizens to  celebrities, people in law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and  business CEOs.

 Richard has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows, as well as  being a popular radio host . He uses his God-given gifts in the  spiritual world, warm personality, and ability to see things from a  different perspective to bring answers to the forefront.

 Richard is more than just a psychic. He also has the unique ability to  Communicate with loved ones that have passed on. He shares his gift of  spirit communication by providing answers and closure, which allows the  healing process to begin.

 Richard amazes his audience and personal clients with the astounding  detail and accuracy of the information he provides during his sessions,  leaving even the most skeptical individual a believer. Richard Spasoff  is bringing the world of the Metaphysical and paranormal to the  mainstream. 


Richard's Stand Up Act

Check out this great video !!

Richard's Stand up act

Check out this great video


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